UM-JEP 19105-2004

Coordinated by:

University of Zagreb
University Computing Centre

Technische Universitšt Wien (Vienna University of Technology - VUT) represented by University Extension Centre – Office for International Relations (UEC-OIR) is the grant applicant in this project. VUT was founded in 1814. It is the biggest technical university in Austria. At present, it has about 3.600 staff members, 15.800 undergraduate and 1.250 doctoral students.
 University Extension Centre is a service unit of VUT. It has several subunits covering the following areas: continuing education, technology transfer, and international co-operation. Continuing education is the traditional area covered by the UEC since its foundation. UEC organizes short continuing education courses as well as long term programmes  in various areas of technology for users mainly from the industry and business sector. Since several years, it deals with the development of the best methods for open and distance learning, with e-learning, WEB-based learning. UEC is represented in national and international organizations, e.g. SEFI, EUCEN, IACEE.
 UEC has a long years experience with the preparation and management of international projects in the framework of the different programs, e.g. TEMPUS, SOCRATES, Leonardo da Vinci. It has been active in the Tempus program since its launch in 1991. has acted as the coordinator or contractor of several Tempus projects.