UM-JEP 19105-2004

Coordinated by:

University of Zagreb
University Computing Centre


The wider objectives of this project are:

• to improve quality of university management and quality of university education by implementation of e-learning concepts and technologies;
• to promote e-learning as universities' instrument to become modern, forward looking and ambitious institution - leading provider of education and training, including the field of lifelong education;
• to practically introduce e-learning as instrument to bring new quality and new opportunities to participants of university education;
• to influence change of laws and university regulations to foster usage of e-learning.

The specific objectives and related expected tangible outcomes of the project are:

• to learn from European universities and to adapt and transfer their experience and knowledge to Croatian academic community, resulting with general framework for implementation of e-learning methodology and technology. This framework should include:
•  development, consensus on and promotion of the vision of e-learning at participating Croatian universities;
•  development of the strategy and implementation plan for e-learning deployment at participating Croatian universities;
•  development of the university policy on e-learning, that should:
(a) define and explain university long-term motivation and strategic goals of implementation of e-learning (e.g. to improve quality of education, to introduce new elements of active learning into education, to offer university programs on national or international arena to non-resident students, to provide necessary skills for students to enable them for consumption of lifelong education during their future careers, etc.);
(b) encourage and reward deployment of e-learning in university teaching and learning, including rewarding policy for university units and faculty, with outstanding results in e-learning;
(c) ensure sustainability of e-learning efforts (and results of this project), by establishing continuous and reliable lines of support to university units and faculty, willing to implement e-learning technology;
•  to define technical framework for implementation of e-learning, consisting of set of standards, rules and guidelines for university e-learning projects, e-learning educational modules and reusable learning objects;
•  to shape and establish university centers for e-learning at all participating Croatian universities, including center's operational procedures and rules, as well as service level agreements with users;
•  to carry out pilot projects oriented towards creative and contextual implementation of e-learning in concrete university programs and supported by newly established university centers for e-learning.