UM-JEP 19105-2004

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University of Zagreb
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After three and half years of continuing and hard work our Tempus project EQIBELT has finished on January 31, 2009.

Project had successfully fulfilled all planned goals and objectives. Universities of Dubrovnik, Rijeka and Zagreb prepared, discussed and adopted policy documents for implementation and using of e-learning. E-learning centers or e-learning support teams at each of these universities have been established and are operational.  A network of experts exists at each of universities to foster and facilitate e-learning in academic community. Good cooperation has been established with local teams and representatives for e-learning at faculties and departments within universities.

The most important result is the fact that e-learning became usual and welcomed method in learning and teaching process at our universities and new liaison between teachers and students on their joint path through university studies. All achieved results are encouragement for numerous new tasks and goals in field of e-learning.

 Achieved outcomes

Please follow the post-project activities on
web sites of partner universities:

University of Zagreb

University of Dubrovnik

University of Rijeka