UM-JEP 19105-2004

Coordinated by:

University of Zagreb
University Computing Centre


The University of Porto (Universidade do Porto - UP) is the largest higher educational institution in Portugal. It includes all educational areas in Higher Education with fourteen different faculties and also a Managment School and 27 324 students. It has strong involvement in Continuing Education and Adult Education, which is considered a priority in the strategic development of the University. It aims to promote the active cooperation of all agents of UP in education, training, research and global development towards levels of excellence. The Centre for Continuing Engineering Education at Universidade do Porto provides university based continuing engineering education since many years. It provides both traditional face-to-face courses as well as modern e-learning courses. The university has a video studio, video conferencing facilities, and communication and computer facilities. The Centre for Continuing Engineering Education and its staff members are members of several international organisations in the area of education and continuing education e.g. EuroPACE 2000, IACEE, SEFI, EUCEN. Universidade do Porto will be represented in this Tempus project by Prof. Alfredo Soeiro who is also acting as the president of SEFI.