UM-JEP 19105-2004

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University of Zagreb
University Computing Centre

Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK Dipoli) was founded in the early 1980’s to take care of further education in technology and various other branches attached to it. As a unit of a top university, TKK Dipoli has evolved into a leading Finnish adult training institute especially in the areas of technology and business know-how.
 Its key competence areas are the technological applications for customer companies and the public sector, business management and international competitiveness.
 The university-level teaching and international service networks at TKK Dipoli are tailored for the needs of Finnish companies and the public sector in Finland. Together with customer companies, economic organisations and the public sector TKK Dipoli develops their products continuously in order to be able to meet changing training needs. TKK Dipoli has long year experience with preparation and organisation of open and distance learning courses as well as with e-learning courses.
 TKK Dipoli is represented in several international organisations, e.g. SEFI, EUCEN, IACEE.