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TEMPUS Joint European Project EQIBELT
Partner’s lecture: Jeff Haywood on E-learning, e-libraries and e-research

Joint Event with E-learning Support Centre University of Zagreb


Zagreb, Croatia

G     University Computing Centre University of Zagreb


Monday, December 8, 2008 at 16:00


Prof. Jeff Haywood, Ph.D.

Jeff Haywood is is Vice-Principal for Knowledge Management, Chief Information Officer and Librarian at the University of Edinburgh. He is responsible for the University’s integrated Information Service which contains the Library, the IT services and the eLearning Services, and for the current major initiatives in high performance computing, research data services, selection of the next generation VLE, the digital and information literacies programme and e-assessment including implementation of the e-portfolio.

Jeff also holds the position of Professor of Education & Technology, School of Education, and is Director of the Scottish Centre for Research into Online Learning & Assessment (SCROLLA). His research interests are in the development of strategies for effective use of ICT in education at institutional, national and international levels, with a particular emphasis on understanding learner experiences. Jeff is a member of the JISC Board and immediate past Chair of the Coimbra Group Taskforce on E-learning (



“E-learning, e-libraries & e-research – supporting innovation to enhance university education”

The use of ICT has become ubiquitous in universities worldwide.  It now is a mission-critical element of almost all university business and is found in many, if not all, areas of teaching and research, and the administration that underpins these. With this steady increase in use of ICT has come a challenge to both academic staff and support staff, namely how best to balance the needs of those innovating in their fields with those who wish for stability, where to find economies to finance the new tools and services needed as well as the resilience and reliability that large numbers of users require, and how to support best value use of these services whilst moving towards 24x7x365 support. 

In this seminar I shall explore the current major strategic and operational issues for university senior managers, teaching, research and support staff, and discuss the key factors for them to consider as they work together to obtain maximum value from their investments in technology.


Lecture was available via web streaming at 16:30, on Monday, December 8, 2008

Audience (participants):

     Members of the university and faculty management

     Members of university bodies responsible for teaching, e-learning or ICT

     Members of government bodies responsible for implementation of e-learning methodology and technology

     Members of EQIBELT project team and university's e-learning teams

     University teachers and researchers involved or interested in e-learning

     ICT or other support staff involved or interested in e-learning